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Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP in Geelong, is a fairly new cosmetic treatment to address various hair concerns, such as alopecia (baldness), female pattern hair loss, receding hairlines, and more. What sets this procedure apart from others is that it uses micro-needles to inject a special ink into the scalp. For this reason, the procedure is also known as hair tattooing in Geelong.

Now, as someone suffering from acute hair fall, you must have looked up all possible treatment plans to address it. And, irrespective of how thorough your research was, we understand that taking the final plunge and committing to any of them is a scary step.

Are you ready to start your journey with SMP in Geelong? If yes, you can connect with our experts to learn more about the procedure, the treatment plan and the costs involved.

However, at Lion Mane SMP, we are a team of highly trained and certified scalp micropigmentation experts in Geelong. And we have extensive experience helping clients restore their hairlines. Here, we use precision needles and highly customisable inks to give clients the impression of a thick head of natural-looking hair. What’s more? Depending on factors such as the client’s complexion, and hair texture, our experts adjust the pigments in ink to develop colours that blend in excellently for a non-invasive and seamless procedure.

Tackle Your Hair Loss Concerns with Hair Tattoo Treatment in Geelong

Scalp Micropigmentation or hair tattooing in Geelong is a highly effective solution for addressing a wide range of hair loss concerns, which involves no surgical procedures. In this process, the SMP artist injects coloured cosmetic ink closely resembling your natural hair into your scalp to give you a natural-looking hairline without any surgical marks or scars.

Continue scrolling through to find out why SMP is gaining popularity over hair transplants in Geelong to tackle concerns like alopecia (baldness), female pattern hair loss, and more.


Non-invasive procedure

SMP in Geelong is a non-surgical procedure when the SMP practitioner injects specialised cosmetic ink into your scalp to create a natural-looking hairline.


No scarring

Since it is a non-surgical procedure, you can rest assured that there will be no scarring or surgical marks to indicate that you underwent a cosmetic procedure.



Natural-looking results guaranteed

Noticeable results from the first session, unlike other hair treatments that take months to achieve the desired results.


Address any stage of hair loss

Scalp Micropigmentation, hair procedures for females and males, are often used for tackling hair loss at any stage, ranging from receding hairline to alopecia and everything in between.


Noticeable results

At Lion Mane SMP, our SMP practitioners in Geelong guarantee that their clients can witness the results from the first sitting, unlike other cosmetic procedures that take weeks to create the desired results.


Minimal maintenance

Our experts say that, unlike other cosmetic procedures, SMP patients are not required to follow any rigorous care routine.


Effectively hide scars

Most of our clients come in for Scalp Micropigmentation after a FUT/FUE hair transplant surgery in Geelong. It is because SMP is highly effective in hiding any scars from surgeries, previous injuries, and even birthmarks.

Work with Expert Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners in Geelong

We have extensive experience offering quality scalp micropigmentation services in Geelong. Over the years, we have successfully helped several clients restore their hairlines. And we understand that hair tattooing is not just a cosmetic procedure to enhance their appearance— it has helped people regain their lost confidence and create impactful first impressions.

Hair concerns like alopecia, receding hairline, female pattern hair loss, and more are often caused by genetics, hormonal imbalance, and ageing. However, at Lion Mane SMP, we firmly believe that our clients should not be held back from achieving their full potential because of something they have little control over. Addressing the issue with surgical procedures like hair transplant in Geelong is a lengthy and expensive procedure that takes a long time to exhibit results. Hence, the rise in demand for SMP procedures in Geelong.

Thus, our hair tattoo specialists in Geelong are committed to helping you make the most out of your SMP sessions so that you can flaunt your full head of hair with confidence and charisma.

Now, we understand that you might have your concerns before committing yourself to the scalp micropigmentation procedure in Geelong. But we have news for you! At Lion Mane SMP, we offer all our clients a completely obligation-free, free consultation. In this consultation session, we assess the client’s hair loss condition and work with them to develop their personalised treatment plan. Clients also use this session to address any concerns that they may have regarding the procedure.

You can visit send us an email at admin@lionmanesmp.com.au or call us at 0481 357 410 to schedule an appointment with one of our SMP experts in Geelong. Conversely, you can also visit our website and fill out the consultation form. Our team will get back to you at the earliest and set up an appointment to discuss your treatment plan or any other concerns you may have.

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At Lion Mane SMP, we understand that getting a SMP treatment is a life-changing decision, so we are here to educate you about the process and alleviate any of your concerns through our one-on-one consultation sessions. We offer a private consultation in Melbourne to explain our procedures and outline what you'd like to achieve with your treatment. We will provide a quote specific to your needs and recommendations for any follow-up treatments that may be necessary after the treatment. We are proud to offer a 12-month warranty for our treatment, so you can feel confident that Lion Mane SMP is there to help you every step of the way.

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